funeral arrangementsOver the past few years, more and more people are opting for funeral insurance plans. One of the biggest reasons of the popularity of this type of insurance is that people want to ensure there is no financial burden on their loved ones when they die.

Payment of a small amount each month covers the cost of the burial and internment when one buys funeral insurance cover. There are a number of advantages of getting insurance cover as prices are constantly increasing these days. This is also true of funeral costs, although funeral directors such as www.greenhavenfunerals.com.au often have some good value package offers. It is not only beneficial but has also become a necessity.

Here is a list of some of the major benefits of funeral insurance

One of the biggest benefits of funeral insurance is that it helps in covering the high cost of a funeral nowadays. A proper funeral is not cheap and costs can really add up. Having this insurance cover will help you in covering the high cost of all the funeral arrangements including a decent wake and burial. This insurance will also cover various other funeral related expenses such as burial plot, service and casket among other things.

It will also save your loved ones from the financial burden in the event of an unexpected death. Its true to say that an unexpected death can have a really devastating effect on the family of the deceased. Your family will feel hurt, confused and grief stricken when you die but they will also have to worry about the cost of the funeral in case you already haven’t planned for it. The appropriate funeral insurance cover will ensure that they have the necessary funds at hand when they need them the most.

This insurance is affordable, quick and simple. Also, all permanent Australian residents between the ages of 17 to 80 are guaranteed acceptance.

All the insurance claims are settled within 24 hours. The beneficiary will receive the payout within 24 hours once all the requirements for the claim have been completed.

The application process is completely hassle-free and takes only a few minutes to apply. Also, there is no need for a medical exam.

funeral insurance plansThe overall premium as well as the payment schedule has been kept flexible. A number of premium and flexible payment options are available to meet your needs and budget. You need to do some thorough research and get insurance quotes online to do a comparison and choose the right product for you.

You are always in control as there are a number of payment options available to you. You are free to pay the premiums fortnightly or monthly and you are also free to choose the day of the payment. You may also link the premium payment to your payday or pension. In other words, you are completely in control of the amount as well as time of the premium payment.

You also have a complete control on the funeral arrangements. Funeral insurance allows you to plan your funeral services in advance. This will give you complete control over the way you want the funeral service to be done and the way you would your life to be commemorated.

Having  insurance will also allow you to ensure a decent final resting place. Since you are paying in advance for your funeral, it will ensure your family won’t be burdened with making financial arrangements for your funeral. It will also ensure you will have decent funeral arrangements.