Autumn has come and the days become shorter and dusk falls the previous day by day. It is this time we also begin to light our candles, there on the table or in the window or at fåtöjen where we might with a blanket holding autumn cold winds in Chack. It is also at this time that it is time to bring out our lanterns again and lit grave candle. To pass the cemetery one evening like this in early fall and see a different light and burn with its simple low, give me a reminder of those that we no longer have around us. But the memories of those loved ones we carry with us as light within us that which we sometimes call the darkness of sorrow. The small tomb of the light does not illuminate strongly and stably rather may oscillate with the flame just as we can feel when we sometimes miss and mourn. But the simple flame also gives a sense of calm, and keep the stress away, it’s sort of here and now. With these thoughts become my call to you; Light a candle in the dark!

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